# Introduction

Yescom Upsell & Post-purchase is a marketing app that integrates upsell & cross-sell and post-purchase. Guide customer to buy related products and accessories. Through the app you can setup offer on the shopping cart page and thank you page. And post-purchase extension will give customer a discount after order complete. The app will improve the conversion rate of orders.

# Features

# Cart page funnels

Upsell funnels on cart pages can provide very high conversion rates. You can offer a discounted product for customer by set specified rules. The offer product will displayed in a pop-up, and you can customize style of the pop-up. One-click add offer product to checkout without create coupon.

# Post-purchase funnels

The post-purchase page appears after the order complete, but before the thank you page. You can customize style of offer page. By setting rules, the app can display different offer page depending on the amount of order. Important, customers can add product to the order without checkout again.

On the thank you page, provide any number of recommended offer products. One-click checkout without create coupon. No need to redirect to shopping cart page, reduce checkout steps. Greatly improve conversion rate.

# Real-time Preview Editor

Real-time preview upsell template. Simple and quick setup for upsell offers.

# Countdown Timer

The countdown display encourages users to buy. You can configure whether customers can still buy after the time expires.

# Yescom Promise

If you aren't happy with simply uninstall before the trial ends and you will not be charged.